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Drain Power is a Nightblade active skill in the Siphoning skill line in The Elder Scrolls Online.


  • Unlocked at Siphoning rank 42.


Power ExtractionEdit

  • [?]
  • U6: This ability now scales off weapon damage and stamina instead of magicka and spell damage. The damage has also been increased by 10%.[1]

Sap EssenceEdit

  • [?]
  • U1: The healing this ability does now correctly increases by 20% for each target hit. [2]
  • U6: This ability now grants you the Major Spell Power buff. [1]
  • U8: Fixed an issue where this ability's heal effect could be dodged. [3]


  • U1: Fixed an issue where this ability wasn't granting the initial Weapon Damage bonus you should receive when no target is hit. [2]
  • U6: The damage caused by Drain Power no longer scales with the number of targets hit. Instead, you will receive a Major Brutality buff when damaging at least one target.[1]
  • U7: Increased the damage of this ability by approximately 20%. [4]



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