The Drake of Blades is a mysterious, nameless Imperial assassin who serves with the Dragonguard.[1]


This nameless, enigmatic assassin serves the remnants of the Akaviri Dragonguard. She is one with the shadows, preferring not to talk with people or make conversation. Despite her mysterious nature, she is often accredited with creating brutal scenes featuring cultists' severed heads and dead Daedra. When the Vestige meets her in person, she is shown to be rather awkward and shy, clearly not the sort of person who has social interactions often. Nonetheless, she remains determined to drive out Molag Bal.


Being a lone assassin in virtual isolation for so long, she has developed social anxiety. This means she has difficulty having conversations with people and thus she is not very talkative.


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Show: The Watcher in the Walls
When not in the Arena District:

"Weren't you just in the Arena District? You should go back. It's easier to get work done when the games are on. It's an excellent distraction. So, yes. Go make some trouble. I might have something for you here later on."

Show: The Lock and the Legion

"You haven't seen any legionaries that seem out of place, have you? He'd be shorter than I am, lean, with very little hair."

You'll need to be more specific. What's the problem? "My contact in Legion Zero, Captain Regilus, is missing. He's sharp. Tenacious. A good man―I guess. Anyway, I haven't heard from him in weeks. He drank that Coldharbour brew to maintain his cover. I'm afraid it may have gotten the better of him."

I'll look for him. Any idea where he might be? "We use a system. When I want to meet, I draw the seal of the Dragonguard on a wall near the thoroughfare crossing. That's the signal to meet in the sewer hideout. I'll mark it on your map. I'm not convinced he'll show, but... he's valuable."
I'll seek him out and find out where he's been. "If you see him, please tell him how angry I am. Or maybe "disappointed" is better. Just... whatever. You know what I mean. Use your imagination."
Why do you think he'll show for me and not for you? "I'm... difficult. He could simply be avoiding me."
Do you think that's likely? "No, of course not. He's a consummate professional. He wouldn't let something like this interfere with his duty. He's always taken my peculiarities in stride. It's weird."
So why do you think he's not showing? "I have two theories. One, he has been captured, or two, he's determined that a meet is too dangerous. I have a hard time believing that he's been killed or captured. He's far too clever for that. His work is clean. Cleaner than mine."
So what could be making a meet too dangerous? "The corruption. Members of Legion Zero are forced to drink a foul potion. It's an initiation of sorts. It makes them aggressive. Erratic. He probably doesn't want to endanger me... my mission, I mean. He might be less concerned about hurting you."
When not in the Elven Gardens District:

"You look lost. You're supposed to be in the Elven Gardens looking for my contact, Regilus, remember? You are far from the Elven Gardens. There's work to do here, but it can wait. Let's sort out this business with Regilus first, all right?"

After meeting with Regilus:

"You made it back. Excellent. Did you find Regilus? What did he have to say?"

We managed to steal an ancient key from the Daedra. Here is Regilus' final report.
"A key? May I? Well it's certainly old. Seems like Regilus has some theories. Gods, his penmanship is atrocious. Luckily, some of the iconography seems intact. Between that and Regilus' notes, we should be able to deduce its origin."

What do you think it opens?
"Something with a lock on it. I'd say a door, based on the size. Perhaps a very large box. I can guess more if you'd like. Sorry. There is something about a relic in his report... Wait, did you say his "final report?" What happened to him?"
Molag Bal's corruption finally took hold. He chose to take his own life rather than lose control.
Are you all right?
"Yes, of course I am. Why are you looking at me like that? Stop it. He was dead as soon as he drank that poison. We both knew that. I just thought he was going to hold on a bit longer. It's... it's a shame. That's all."
All right.
"So. Yes. I'll hold onto the key for now. I suspect we'll need it sooner rather than later. Thank you for recovering it―and for finding Regilus. I'm glad someone was there. At the end."



  • She wears light armor in the Akaviri style.
  • The Drake of Shields is the former mentor of the Drake of Blades.

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