"Musn't... listen. The spiders... have to block out the spiders."
―Dralane Elarven[src]

Dralane Elarven is a Dunmer located in Bal Fell on Vvardenfell.


"No. I won't listen. I won't listen! Leave me alone, spiders!"

Are you hearing something? "The spiders. Those damned spiders. They... they talk to me. They want me to dance! Mustn't... I mustn't dance for them. That would be... bad..."
Why do the spiders want you to dance? "Why do you think? No! Don't think! That's when they get you... they crawl into your mind. Don't let them... argh! I must go now."
Go? Go where? "The spiders, they call to me! I will join the dance!"


A Web Of TroublesEdit

As the search for the missing personnel within Bal Fell continues, the Vestige finds and rescues Dralane Elarven along with Stibbons. Dralane fails to combat the whispering of the mind spiders mentally, and succumbs to the curse, leading the Vestige on a short goose chase.


  • "Well, that was certainly the oddest experiences I've ever had. Not the most terrifying, of course, but certainly the oddest. If you think this was bad, I have a word of advice. Never enter a temple of Mehrunes Dagon without a proper sacrifice."—At the end of "A Web Of Troubles"
  • "Interesting. Stibbons summoned forth webs with nary a spider in sight. I've always found Daedric magic to be fascinating. I wonder, do you think Lady Laurent will let me examine the scrolls long enough to learn a spell or two?"—After "A Web Of Troubles"