Dralof Waterwalker is a Nord relaxing with his friends at the hotsprings found south of Ratmaster's Prowl.


Bath TimeEdit

Dralof tasks the Vestige with finding his friend, Grida Meadmoon, along with the rare bathsalts she was supposed to bring him.


"Shor's blood! You're a serious one, aren't you? Why not stop and enjoy the springs with us?"

What's your business here?: "Business? We have no business, stranger! No war, no Orcs, and no giants. We just relax and enjoy the hot springs.
But now that you mention it..."
What?: "My friend Grida heard about some special bath salts. They're made at the Darkwater Crossing apothecary. She went out to get some, but she hasn't returned. See if you can find her. Or better yet, just bring us those bath salts!"