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"Dralora Athram. I came here with Ulen fifteen years ago. Best thing we ever did."
―Dralora Athram[src]

Dralora Athram quote

Dralora Athram is a Dunmer commoner, she is the wife of Ulen Athram and a Mythic Dawn member. She constantly bets at the Arena.

She also wears a Luck imbued amulet that "helps her win Arena bets."


Dralora Athram Voice fail
Length: 0:17
Description: Linda Canyon voice acting mistake.
  • Dralora Athram's voice actor, Linda Canyon, made a mistake while recording the line, "I heard that thieves broke into the Arcane University, the Imperial Legion Compound and the temple. All on the same night!" After she has said the line, she can be heard saying: "Wait a minute, let me do that one again," and repeats the line a second time. The piece of dialogue appears in the game nonetheless.


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