Drarayne Thelas is a Dunmer Commoner who lives in Morrowind.


Drarayne spends all her time her in home in Balmora, on the east bank of the Odai River. She seems to have an obsession with pillows, as her home has quite an abundance of them.



Recently she has been having a rat problem that the Nerevarine needs to fix in for the Fighters Guild. Kill the three cave rats that are infesting Drarayne's home and destroying her pillows.

Thelas' Pillows (Unmarked)Edit

She also has a problem with a shipment of pillows that were meant to be delivered to her, of which the Nerevarine can give the invoice to Drarayne.


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  • She should acknowledge the invoice for the pillows, but a bug prevents this after the Nerevarine has completed the "Exterminator" quest for the Fighters Guild.

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