"Do not look to the day's end, lest it come and your work remain unfinished."
―Draren Vedralu[src]

Draren Vedralu is a Dunmer found at the Refugee Relief Sites in Marbruk, Shornhelm, and Stormhold. When delivering a crafting writ to the site, he will give a comment.


  • "A good day's work is as sweet as sugar, but laziness is like the Trama Root."
  • "Not an item will be lost between here and the destination."
  • "The roads are harder, farther from the capital. I will need to deliver these soon."
  • "Rise early in the morning to work, and none shall besmirch your name."
  • "There were bandits on the road last time, but I did not let them claim a thing."
  • "Much appreciated, sera."
  • "I applaud your diligence, sera."
  • "Honor to you. Your delivery is welcome."
  • "We nearly have enough supplies to start loading the cart."
  • "I shall commend your name when I deliver these."
  • "Each of us has a role. You create. I deliver."
  • "It is my task to see your deliveries to their destination."
  • "A strong mind can outwit the strongest arm. But I see you use both in your work."
  • "We do not share the delivery route. You never know who spies for bandits."
  • "Might I purchase some of those as a gift for my kinswoman? At a later date, of course."