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For other uses, see Draugr Deathlord and Draugr Overlord.

The Draugr Death Overlord is a variant of draugr found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is one of the most powerful types of undead, and typically serves as the strongest foe in a draugr filled dungeon.


Draugr death overlords are encountered at level 37 and above, and normally will not make any appearances beforehand. Rare cases of encountering them at lower levels can occur: they can be encountered as low as level 12, depending on what dungeon or ancient Nord temple is visited.


They use ebony or ancient Nord weapons which may also be enchanted, increasing their effectiveness. Those using one-handed weapons may also carry ebony shields, making for a formidable defense. Most will use shouts, such as Unrelenting Force or Disarm.

The Overlords wielding Two-Handed weapons are extremely dangerous opponents, requiring both skill and strength to defeat. They will often send less powerful draugr to surround and disorient the Dragonborn to help in their attack. They will not hesitate to use Shouts. Like all draugr, they are immune to poison and are resistant to frost.


Death Overlords may have the following items in their inventory:


  • There is always a Draugr Death Overlord on the throne at the end of Volskygge before exiting to Volskygge Peak, regardless of player level when entering. Although this means a very difficult fight, it also means that the player character can get an Ebony weapon very early on.

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