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Draugr Deathlord

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Draugr Deathlord
Draugr Deathlord
Basic Info
Level 34 - 40
Health-icon 1000 - 1400
MagickaIcon 10
Stamina 575 - 625
Spells/Abilities Disarm Shout
Unrelenting Force Shout
DamageIcon 25 Extra Damage
Resistance 50% resistant to Frost

100% resistant to Poison

Loot Random Drop
Soul Size Greater (Level 30), Grand (Level 40)
Base ID 0003B54B 0005B756 0003BE23 00044C5B 000640B7
For other uses, see Draugr.

The Draugr Deathlord is a variant of draugr found in Skyrim. It is one of the most powerful types of undead, and serves as the most powerful foe in many draugr-infested dungeons.


Deathlords become common around level 30, but they may be encountered beforehand, but only in certain locations. If the quest Under Saarthal is done above level 15, one will be encountered at the top of two stairways in the heart of Saarthal.


Deathlords use ebony or ancient Nord weapons which may also be enchanted, increasing their effectiveness. They all use Shouts, such as Unrelenting Force and Disarm. Deathlords are known to use Unrelenting Force with very short intervals, constantly throwing their foes about.

The deathlord archer is one of the most dangerous foes encountered in Skyrim. In addition to their high health and stamina, the ebony bow coupled with the matching ebony arrows can deal large amounts of damage per shot, taking down even the highest level targets with only a few hits.

Items carriedEdit

The draugr deathlord may have any of the following items:



  • Some level 40 Draugr Deathlords wear a quiver. This can help distinguish them from level 30's, which never wear quivers.
  • Their helmets are very similar to the Helm of Yngol.
  • Above level 35, most of the draugr at Skuldafn may be replaced by draugr deathlords or higher, making it harder to get to the portal to Sovngarde.
  • A draugr deathlord will often be displayed as a rotating image during loading screens.
  • Quite rarely, during a loading sequence, the male draugr deathlord will be replaced with a bare-headed, female version.
  • Only level 40 Draugr Deathlords have Grand Souls.
  • There are special deathlords archers, yet they are still called "Draugr Deathlord." These can be found at Arcwind Point.


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  • If a draugr deathlord has been shot with a bow enchanted with paralysis and immobilized, and just as it gets up, a killing shot from the bow also paralyzes, it may go flying across the room, spinning erratically but eventually landing and standing up and walking backwards in place in a motion that looks oddly like dancing. The deathlord is actually dead so the body can still be looted.
  •  360  If a draugr that is capable of using shouts uses the Disarm shout, the player's lost weapon may become embedded in a nearby wall, thus making it unable to be retrieved.
  • If an explosion occurs because of Dawnbreaker, some draugr deathlords may be seen walking into a wall and continuing to walk through a wall. They will still be marked as hostile and stay that way until the dungeon is reset.


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