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Draugr Scourge

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Draugr Scourge
Draugr Scourge
Basic Info
Level 21
Health-icon 700 - 900
MagickaIcon 0 - 160
Stamina 380 - 480
Spells/Abilities Conjure Frost Atronach
Ice Spike
Unrelenting Force shout
DamageIcon 15 Extra Damage
Resistance 50% resistant to Frost
100% resistant to Poison
Soul Size Common
Base ID 00023BF7
Main article: Draugr (Skyrim)

The Draugr Scourge is a variant of Draugr and a powerful type of undead that typically serves as a guardian or leader in Draugr-filled dungeons.


Scourges begin to appear around level 20, but may be encountered beforehand in certain locations.


Scourges use Honed Ancient Nord Weapons that may be enchanted, inflicting large amounts of damage. They will also use Unrelenting Force shouts in battle. Their armor and hitpoints are on par with Draugr Deathlords.

The Warlock versions using Frost-based spells are arguably one of the toughest challenges for any player to best, largely because frost spells drain the target's Stamina quickly and slow movement, making striking the Draugr very difficult.

Scourges wielding the Supple Ancient Nord Bow are among the most dangerous enemies in Skyrim. The damage they deal can easily drain unwary players of their health in a matter of seconds if not dispatched quickly. Luckily, Scourge archers are less common than their melee counterparts.

Draugr Scourges also possess quite high stealth detection, giving players a challenge with advanced Sneak skill. 


When defeated, Scourges may drop the following items:

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