Dravin Llanith is a Dunmer farmer living with his wife Synda at the Merryfair Farm outside Riften.


They make a living growing wheat, cabbage, and gourds. They also have a cow and chickens. Dravin can often be seen milling wheat.

Speaking to Dravin reveals that there was a recent break-in at the farm. Among the loot that was pilfered was Dravin's Bow. He believes the Thieves Guild was behind the burglary and that they stashed his bow somewhere in the Ratways beneath Riften.


Bow to the MasterEdit

The Dragonborn is tasked with retrieving Dravin's Bow from the Ratways beneath Riften. He rewards some gems that may help with Madesi's task. Also, if Dravin is killed after the bow is given to him, a courier will deliver a letter and some money.


  • It is possible for Dravin to be killed by a random dragon or a group of trolls that spawned in the area, thus making the quest impossible to complete.