Drayven Indoril is a Dunmer mentioned in the historical book The Nightingales Vol. 2.[1]


Birth and early lifeEdit

Drayven Indoril was born a member of House Indoril and is rumored to be a descendant of the Chimer Leader and Hortator Indoril Nerevar. An adept master of disguise and one of the greatest master thieves in Skyrim, Drayven seduced Queen Barenziah under the pseudonym "Nightingale" sometime during the Third Era in order to discover the location of the ancient artifact known as The Staff of Chaos while under orders from Jagar Tharn. After the recovery and turnover of the artifact, Jagar Tharn then attempted to eradicate Drayven but his Nightingale abilities aided his escape.[1]

Drayven proceeded to Morrowind after Jagar Tharn's pursuit and rejoined the Indoril family who held an estate quite close to the border of Skyrim, which allowed him to perform his Nightingale duties at the Twilight Sepulcher if the need arose. He remained there for many years until the Indoril family began to lose its power and a war between the houses erupted. Not wanting any part of it and feeling that Tharn was no longer a threat, Drayven left his homeland behind and settled in the Rift under the guise of a simple miner.[1]

Later life and deathEdit

Drayven, now at an advanced age, was later found by his daughter Dralsi Indoril, born out of Dravyen's seduction of Barenziah, in a small mining community called Shor's Stone. No longer the spry rogue that had seduced the Queen, he was still nevertheless Dralsi's father and he treated her as such. In the remaining years of Drayven's life, he imparted the ways of the Nightingale to Dralsi until he finally succumbed to his old age.[1]

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