Dreamstride Cove is a location that appears in The Elder Scrolls Online. It is in the Summerset Isles, on tiny island off the coast of the mainland.


Miasma BoileryEdit

This is the main part of the Cove, and is only opened in the associated quest. Without this quest activated, it is shut by a small avalanche. Many Aldmeri Dominion banners are strung throughout, and slaughtered pirates are glimpsed among the thick purple Miasma. The Boilery is also featured here, along with the Thalmor that oversee it.


Thalmor RisingEdit

One of the Daedric Quests for Vaermina takes place here, and introduces a new artifact for the Daedric Prince called the Trance Cutlass. Many Altmeri Thalmor are seen and fought in this quest, apparently affected by the excess Miasma they were using to create a new, Miasma-affected blade (the Trance Cutlass for the Aldmeri Dominion. In the quest, The Vestige must purge the cove and retrieve the unique weapon and return it to a Priest of Vaermina in a radiant location.

Notable itemsEdit

  • A copy of Cantillon's Correspondence lies just inside the Boilery room next to a dead pirate when the Daedric Quest is active; It is on the Arcane Enchanter without the quest.
  • The Trance Cutlass is found on Auradel, the head Thalmor Justiciar.


  • Captain Hark, a non-hostile Pirate, is met here without the quest. He can be found impaled on an Aldmeri Dominion flag during and after "Thalmor Rising."


Thalmor RisingEdit

  • Thalmor Agent
  • Thalmor Justiciar
  • Auradel


  • Pirate Marauder
  • Corsair
  • Summerset Shadow
  • Reaver