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The Dreamworld Amulet is an enchanted amulet in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. The only known model was created and is owned by Kud-Ei's personal friend and guild-mate Henantier.


Henantier created the amulet as a conduit between reality and his subconscious mind. Because the amulet creates a psychic double of the wearer and transplants them within their own mind, Henantier used it, believing he could train his spells on the apparitions therein. Free-spirited and reckless, Henantier disregarded Kud-Ei's warnings to abide by guild regulation and experimented with the amulet alone. As a result, he became trapped within his dreams, only to be freed by another.

Kud-Ei claims that only she and Henantier know the secret way of removing the amulet from his neck, thus it cannot be removed without accepting her plea to free him.


Kud-Ei provides this item so Henantier can be released from his Dreamworld. This item up in the Coc Testinghall it cannot be removed from inventory by any means, even with the player.removeitem command; therefore, the player may never sleep, otherwise he/she will enter the dreamworld. The Testinghall Dreamworld Amulet creates an inescapable Dreamworld.



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