Dredil's Delivery is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Llaalam Dredil in Ebonheart to receive a task to deliver a letter to J'Zhirr.
  2. Give the letter to J'Zhirr and receive a return letter.
  3. Return the letter to Llalaam to receive your reward.

Detailed walkthroughEdit


Talk to Llaalam Dredil on the second floor of Castle Ebonheart and receive the task of delivering a letter of J'Zhirr at the East Empire Company in town.

Back and ForthEdit

This is simple enough as the distance is small and the Khajiit is easy to find. Give the note to J'Zhirr and take another note to deliver back to Dredil. Deliver this note to Dredil and receive a 75 gold payment (not bad for such a simple delivery, perhaps you are in the wrong profession).

Feel free to read the notes, though they may not make immediate sense at the moment, but they will come into play in other quests.


Journal Entry

While in Ebonheart, I spoke with Llaalam Dredil, an advisor to Duke Dren. He has asked me to deliver a letter for him to J'Zhirr at the East Empire Company her in Ebonheart.

I have agreed to deliver the letter for Llaalam Dredil.
  • Quest accepted
J'Zhiir has received my letter from Llaalam Dredil, and has given me note to bring back to Dredil.

I have delivered the note to Dredil, and he has given me 75 gold as payment.

  • Quest complete