Not to be confused with Deekus or Deekonus.
"What can I do for you, Cyrus?"

Dreekius is a character in The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard. He runs the Draggin Tale Inn.


Dreekius was born in Black Marsh. He later left his tribe and moved to Stros M'kai, a very uncommon thing for an Argonian to do at the time.


Arriving on Stros M'kaiEdit

Tobias will meet you at the Draggin Tale Inn and tells you Dreekius can be trusted.

Finding the Flask of LillandrilEdit

Dreekius will say he heard Crendal talking about a map piece.


  • When talking to Dreekius, a conversation about the Eye of Argonia comes up between him, Cyrus, and Tobias. This was a teaser to the planned sequel called The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Argonia but never had it's development started as Bethesda decided to move their focus on Morrowind.