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Drelas is a necromancer who resides in his cottage far in the mountains.


Hired ThugsEdit

Even if the Dragonborn kills him, Drelas can possibly send thugs to teach the them a lesson.


  • Drelas can follow the Dragonborn outside and can get caught up in a fight with the dragon found near this location.
  • Drelas can present a difficult opponent for low-level players, so caution is advised.
  • When entering his cottage during daytime, he will likely be hunched over the Arcane Enchanter in the corner, with his back to the door. With a high enough Sneak skill or potion, it may be possible to perform an initial sneak attack.
  • Drelas will often retreat upstairs and attempt to heal himself, so a good strategy is to use a Magicka Poison during the initial attack.
  • Once killed, Drelas does not respawn.
  • If the Harmony spell is used on him (he is too powerful for low-level Calm spells), he will speak trespassing NPC lines such as, "You're not supposed to be in here."
  • Although he is a Dunmer, he uses the same voice as many male Altmer.


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