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"Dreugh is a remarkably strong Dunmer medium armor, made from Dreugh hide"

The Dreugh Armor is an incomplete set of medium armor in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Its effectiveness is just below that of the Indoril Armor.

Attributes by pieceEdit

The following are the only pieces of the Dreugh Armor:

  1. Dreugh Cuirass
  2. Dreugh Helm
  3. Dreugh Shield
Name Armor Style ArmorIcon WeightIcon GoldIcon Health-icon Ench. Value Item ID
Dreugh Helm Helmet 40 4.5 2,250 400 22.5 dreugh_helm
Dreugh Cuirass Cuirass 40 27.0 90 5,250 18 dreugh_cuirass
Dreugh Shield Shield 40 13.5 2,550 800 45 dreugh_shield