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Dreugh Shell Armor

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This article contains pre-release content.
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Dreugh Shell Armor is an Item in The Elder Scrolls: Legends.[1]

How to getEdit


Dreugh Shell Armor, being an item, can be used on creature cards, improving their power and health. This makes Dreugh Shell Armor helpful when an opponent's Health is low, allowing for one's stronger Creatures to finish them off more easily. Dreugh Shell Armor can also be used to enhance an important card on one's Lanes, improving the chances of winning the battle, and the Creature's chances of prolonged survival, allowing them to hit an opponent and finish them off. Careful, if one would use it on his cards Dreugh Shell Armor may become useless if the opponent uses an Action card to destroy it. It is advised to use Dreugh Shell Armor before commanding a Creature card to attack the opponent.





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