Drillk is a mad member of the Kothringi and is the last surviving member of the tribe. He thinks he is a king and seems to think that he isn't the only one left.


King of DustEdit

He is a member of the Kothringi taken hostage by the Aldmeri Dominion, but was left tied to a pole. The Vestige frees Drillk and requires him to make him a crown in exchange for a keystone. After the Vestige bestows upon him the crown, Drillk tells him the password to the Ayleid ruin.

Into the TempleEdit

After the Vestige returns from the ruin Drillk is informed that he absorbed the keystone which caused him not to die of the flu. After his sanity is restored he gives the Vestige the choice for him to die and give him the keystone, or for him to live as the last living member of his race.