"Surely even a foreigner has heard of the Varyon family. No? Then I do not want to waste my time educating you. I am only here to study local pottery techniques."
―Drinar Varyon[src]

Drinar Varyon is a Dunmer who resides in Ald'ruhn. He is a smuggler of stolen goods and works for Odral Helvi. Also, he deals Raw Ebony and Dwemer artifacts.


Shipment of EbonyEdit

Drinar Varyon's Dwemer ArtifactsEdit


  • Drinar claims to come from a well-known family, though the only other Varyon seen or mentioned in any game is an inconsequential bandit by the name of Dovrosi Varyon who lives in the cave of Shurinbaal. Members of the Thieves Guild in Ald'ruhn will tell that the two are brother and sister, and asking Drinar about her causes his disposition to drop twenty points.