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Drinar Varyon's Dwemer Artifacts

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Drinar Varyon's Dwemer Artifacts
Drinar Varyon
Quest Giver Imsin the Dreamer
Location Buckmoth Legion Fort
Prerequisite None
Next Quest Rescue Joncis Dalomax
Reward None
Faction Imperial Legion
Reputation +5 (Imperial Legion)
Disposition +10 (Imsin the Dreamer)
Type Imperial Legion quest
ID IL_Smuggler
Main article: Imperial Legion (Morrowind)

Drinar Varyon's Dwemer Artifacts is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


Find proof that Drinar Varyon in Ald'ruhn is a smuggler of Dwemer artifacts.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Speak to Imsin the Dreamer in Buckmoth Legion Fort about Orders.
  2. Travel to Ald'ruhn, and search Drinar Varyon's house.
  3. Grab the Dwemer Tube hidden among the red pots on the table.
  4. Return to Imsin the Dreamer and report your findings.

Detailed walkthroughEdit


Imsin the Dreamer in the Buckmoth Legion Fort will ask you to find proof that that Drinar Varyon is smuggling artifacts through Ald'ruhn.

Find Evidence of SmugglingEdit

If you've done some of the Hlaalu faction quests, you might already know that Drinar Varyon is a smuggler. At any rate, you'll need to enter Drinar's house and have a look around (his house can be found on the west side of Ald'ruhn, by the Ald Skar Inn). The door is unlocked, and Drinar is home. The locked chests contain some raw ebony, but chances are that opening them and taking the ebony will start a fight, which will greatly reduce your reward. Even if you do manage to steal the ebony, it won't count towards completing the quest. You can, however, find a single Dwemer Tube among the red pots on the large table near Drinar, who won't notice when you take it.

Return to ImsinEdit

Return to Imsin with the evidence (the Dwemer Tube) to complete the quest.


  • If you kill Drinar, Imsin is disappointed but impressed with your honesty in admitting it: you receive five Legion reputation points and her disposition still increases by five.
  • There are also lines of dialogue describing Vorar Helas as the smuggler, scripts to update the quest when he is killed. Evidently at one stage he was the quest target instead of Drinar.


Journal Entry
Drinar Varyon in Ald'ruhn is a suspected smuggler. Imsin the Dreamer wants me to find any Dwemer artifacts in his place return them to her.
  • Quest accepted
I returned Drinar Varyon's Dwemer Tube to Imsin the Dreamer.
  • Quest completed
I told Imsin the Dreamer that Drinar Varyon was dead.
  • Quest completed

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