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"If Ra-shadda had many nights, he could explain. We integrate Tamriel's Gods with our own, so we can blend in. We also do this to amuse ourselves. But there are Khajiiti spirits outside Tamriel's pantheon. Dark spirits. They are dro-m'Athra."

Dro-m'Athra are dark and powerful Khajiit spirits. One was summoned at the Sathram Plantation to wreak havoc while the Khajiit slaves escaped, but was destroyed by the Vestige. While at the plantation, it was able to infest living bodies, which it would then kill from the inside, and a copy of that person would rip out of the backs of the deceased. Almost perfect, the only flaw was the copies could not mimic speech, which made them easier to distinguish from their original counterparts. It was repelled and later destroyed by a hollow moon totem.

Later, they relocate to Jode's Light in Reaper's March after their work at the plantation is done.


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