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Dryad Saddle Polypore Cap

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The Dryad Saddle Polypore Cap is a species of ground fungus that can be found on a number of locations throughout Cyrodiil, however not as abundantly as some other species of fungi. Dryad Saddle Polypore Cap are used as alchemical ingredient and are good for a number of uses, most notably in potions of Restore Luck and Frost poisons.

The fungus isn't proliferate in any specific region of Cyrodiil and can only be found growing in a number of locations. This and its relative small size makes the fungus a particularly hard find for alchemists.


The Dryad Saddle Polypore is a possible reference to the real Polyporus squamosus species of fungus known otherwise as the Pheasant's back mushroom.


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