"I hope you will forgive us for not offering a more friendly welcome. The affairs of the region weigh heavily on my husband's shoulders. "
―Duchess Lakana[src]

Duchess Lakana is a Redguard residing in Alcaire Keep in Alcaire Castle, Stormhaven. She's the daughter of King King Fahara'jad and is married to Duke Nathaniel.


Army at the GatesEdit

King King Fahara'jad of Alik'r has sent an army to Alcaire Castle. They claim to be on a diplomatic mission, but the Knights of the Flame believe otherwise. This situation could threaten the very fabric of the Daggerfall Covenant.

Two Sides to Every CoinEdit

Duchess Lakana needs someone to take a message to the leader of the Redguard camp outside the gates. Sir Hughes suggested the Vestige acted as her messenger and report on what she reveals.

It was later revealed that Sir Hughes was under the influence of the Daedra and subsequently murdered Duchess Lakana.


  • Lakana is Finnish for bed sheet.