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Dukaan Dragon Priest
Level 60
Health-icon 2000
MagickaIcon 595
Stamina 0
Loot Bone Meal
Leveled Gold
Soul Size Grand
Base ID xx0248e1
Main article: Dragon Priest
For the dragon priest mask, see Dukaan (Mask).

Dukaan (Dovahzul: DUKAaN Du-Kaan, "Devour-Kyne") is, along with Ahzidal, Zahkriisos and Vahlok, one of the four priests found on Solstheim. His tomb guards the Cyclone shout. His name translates as a whole to "dishonor".


Dukaan makes use of potent frost-based destruction magic, which is strengthened by his mask. He will also conjure Seekers from Apocrypha.



Notable itemsEdit


Dukaan is buried within the Sanctum of White Ridge Barrow, guarding a word wall for the Cyclone shout.

Animal ExterminationEdit

Dukaan is a possible target for the "Animal Extermination" quest given by Aela the Huntress during the Companions questline.


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