"You don't look like a Bloodthorn cultist. I assume this is a rescue attempt?"
―Duke Sebastien, when first met[src]

Duke Sebastien is a Breton and the exiled leader of Camlorn. After he was exiled, he relocated to Aldcroft, where he was then kidnapped and held hostage by reachmen of the Bloodthorn Cult.


A Duke in ExileEdit

Duke Sebastien of Camlorn has been kidnapped by Bloodthorn cultists. The Lion Guard has come to Aldcroft to take control of the investigation and they may have a location on the whereabouts of the Duke.

Wolves in the FoldEdit

Duke Sebastien thinks that werewolves may be trying to infiltrate and take over Aldcroft, just as they overthrew Camlorn.

Lineage of Tooth and ClawEdit