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Dumac (also known as Dumac Dwarf-Orc[1][2], and Dumac Dwarfking[3], or Dumalacath[4]) was a Dwemer king, head of the clan in Morrowind (or Resdayn, as it was known back then). He was known to have been in attendance of the coronation of King Gorieus in 1E 461.[5]

Together with Indoril Nerevar, they formed the First Council, an alliance of Chimer and Dwemer, against the Nordic threat.[1] They were successful in stopping the Nordic Invasion.[6][7]

During the history First Council, it is noted that the Rourken Clan refused to join him.[8] On the Chimer side, House Dagoth, the Sixth House, was absent.[9]

Unbeknownst to him, one of his chief council members, Kagrenac, was working in secret to create a new Dwemer God. The Chimer found this out, and the First Council broke down, and the War of the First Council began.[7] During the resulting Battle of Red Mountain, Nerevar killed Dumac.[2][10]

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