In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, there are several dungeons that are not open to the Dragonborn to begin with. Some are heavily based in quests, and so to prevent the Dragonborn from breaking the quest, they need to have them active for the dungeon to be available.

Locked DungeonsEdit

List of Dungeon Lock-Outs
Location Required Quest Notes
Avanchnzel Unfathomable Depths The opening in the cliff into the ruin is blocked by rubble.
Kilkreath Ruins The Break of Dawn The door is visibly blocked by rocks and rubble when passing by the ruins.
Dustman's Cairn Proving Honor The dungeon can be accessed through the entry door, but only the small section that includes the exit pathway can be explored.
Irkngthand Blindsighted
Korvanjund The Jagged Crown The dungeon is accessible, but only the very small foyer area at the start can be seen.
Snow Veil Catacombs Speaking With Silence If the exit at the dungeon end is found in the wilderness, it leads to a small foyer with an unopenable gate.
Twilight Sepulcher Darkness Returns
Saarthal Under Saarthal
Ustengrav The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller
Bthardamz The Only Cure The passageway that leads into the ruins is blocked by overgrown plants, but the small outside area can be explored. The exit door may be reachable using console commands (see below).
Mzulft Revealing the Unseen This ruin is accessible, but only a very small foyer is visible, as the door into the main ruin is locked: the key for this door is found on a body which spawns when the quest is active (see below for workaround).
Labyrinthian The Staff of Magnus The item required to enter the ruin is obtained when the quest is started. Only the outer ruins and other sublocations are accessible.
Blackreach Discerning the Transmundane The Attunement Sphere is obtained when the quest is started (see note below).
Knifepoint Mine Boethiah's Calling The section of the mine with the Champion of Boethiah is cut off by a cave-in: this makes the location "clearable" as the characters involved in the quest do not exist without being on the quest.
Hillgrund's Tomb Ancestral Worship
Gyldenhul Barrow Deathbrand DR The small foyer of this ruin is accessible, but the remainder of the area is locked off unless the quest has been started.
Kolbjorn Barrow Unearthed DR The whole dungeon is inaccessible from the start, but gradually expands during the course of the quest.
Vahlok's Tomb Lost Legacy DR The Dragonborn must complete a pre-requisite quest (A New Source of Stalhrim) before the ruin can be visited.
Ysgramor's Tomb Glory of the Dead The tomb is accessible, but only the small area containing the statue of Ysgramor can be explored.


  • On PC, it is possible to hit the tilde (~) key and type "tcl" to toggle noclip and move through these barriers or, in the case of doors that must be unlocked by quest NPCs with keys, click on the door and type "unlock" to unlock the door. From here you can explore the dungeon as normal.
    • This defeats the purpose of the wall and will break the quests that pertains to it.
  • Several of the locations can be entered from the hidden "exit". Using a collision glitch on consoles will open most areas.
  • Some player-made modifications (such as Live Another Life) can spawn the Dragonborn in places that are blocked off (such as Blackreach), nullifying the purpose of the lock outs.