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Daggerfall Privateer's Hold

Privateer's Hold, the starting dungeon in Daggerfall.

For other uses, see Dungeon.

Dungeons in Daggerfall come in a variety of types and shapes, and contain various different types of enemies. The following is a table of all the different types of dungeons, as well as the enemies they contain:[1]

Type Encounters
Crypt Rat, Skeletal Warrior, Giant bat, Mummy, Spider, Zombie, Ghost, Wraith, Vampire, Ancient Vampire, Lich
Orc Stronghold Rat, Giant Bat, Orc, Orc Sergeant, Grizzly Bear, Skeltal Warrior, Sabretooth Tiger, Giant, Orc Shaman, Spider, Orc Warlord, Giant Scorpion, Lesser Daedra
Human Stronghold Warrior, Rogue, Rat, Grizzly Bear, Archer, Nightlade, Giant bat, Spellsword, Centaur, Knight, Barbarian, Orc Warlord, Wraith, Orc Shaman, Vampire
Prison Giant bat, Rat, bard, Skeletal Warrior, Burg;ar, Spider, Nightblade, Barbarian, Thief, Flesh Atronach, Assassin, Zombie, Iron Atronach, Wraith, Ghost
Desecrated Temple Giant Bat, Imp, Healer, Monk, Sorcerer, Skeletal Warrior, Harpy, Mummy, Orc Shaman, Gargoyle, Wraith, Lesser Daedra, Daedra Seducer, Frost Daedra, Fire Daedra, Dragonling, Daedra Lord
Mine Rat, Giant Bat, Grizzly Bear, Spider, Skeletal Warrior, Nightblade, Orc, Orc Sergeant, Giant, Thief, Giant, Warrior, Ice Atronach, Iron Atronach, Fire Daedra, Vampire, Ancient Vampire
Natural Cave Rat, Giant Bat, Grizzly Bear, Sabretooth Tiger, Spider, Orc, Werewolf, Barbarian, harpy, Wereboar, Giant, Giant Scorpion, Orc Shaman, Ghost, Warrior, Monk, Dragonling, Lich.
Coven Imp, Giant Bat, Mage, Sorcerer, Harpy, Nightblade, Nymph, Flesh Atronach, Fire Atronach, Iron Atronach, Lesser Daedra, Spellsword, Daedra Seducer, Fire Daedra, Battlemage, Mage, Frost Daedra, Daedra Lord.
Vampire Haunt Rat, Giant Bat, Spider, Werewolf, Nightblade, Skeletal Warrior, Ghost, Mummy, Wraith, Vampire, Ancient Vampire
Laboratory Imp, Mage, Sorceror, Battlemage, Zombie, Flesh Atronach, Ice Atronach, Fire Atronach, Iron Atronach, Gargoyle, Lesser Daedra, Lich, Ancient Lich
Harpy Nest Rat, Warrior, Giant Bat, Harpy, Skeletal Warrior, Spider, Burglar, Giant Scorpion, Orc Shaman, Nightblade, Rogue, Vampire, Daedra Seducer, Daedra Lord.
Ruined Castle Rat, Giant Bat, Warrior, Orc, Skeletal Warrior, Spider, Orc Sergeant, Werewolf, Knight, Wereboar, Zombie, Giant, Ghost, Wraith, Lich, Ancient Lich, Ancient Vampire
Spider Nest Rat, Giant Bat, Spider, Skeletal Warrior, Spriggan, Ranger, Giant Scorpion, Rogue, Harpy, Theif, Ghost, Mummy, Wraith, Assassin, Lich
Giant Stronghold Rat, Grizzly Bear, Sabretooth Tiger, Orc, Giant, Orc Sergeant, Giant Scorpion, Wereboar, Orc Warlod, Orc Shaman, Lesser Daedra, Fire Daedra, Dragonling, Frost Daedra
Dragon's Den Rat, Giant Bat, Centaur, Burglar, Giant Scorpion, Werewolf, Knight, Harpy, Spider, Gargoyle, Sorceror, Nymph, Nightblade, Mage, Vampire, Ancient Vampire, Sorceror, Ancient Lich
Barbarian Stronghold Warrior, Barbarian, Rat, Giant Bat, Centaur, Rogue, Archer, Werewolf, Wereboar, Spider, Vampire, Ancient Vampire, Sorcerer, Ancient Lich
Volcanic Caves Giant Bat, Imp, Sabretooth Tigr, Barbarian, Fire Atronach, Harpy, Wereboar, Giant, Ghost, Giant Scorpion, Iron Atronach, Mage, Wraith, Lesser Daedra, Fire Daedra, Daedra Lord, Ancient Lich
Scorpion Nest Rat, Giant Bat, Spider, Skeletal Warrior, Giant Scorpion, Thief, Zombie, Imp, Ghost, Gargoyle, Wraith, Healer, Nightblade, Daedra Seducer, Lesser Daedra, Daedra Lord

Dungeons listEdit

The following is a list of dungeons:


  • There are less than 60 non-story dungeon designs in Daggerfall[1]
  • There are a variety of different hidden doors throughout dungeons known as "secret portals."[1]