Not to be confused with Abbot Durak.
"Never seen a crossbow before, eh? Not surprised. Kind of a Dawnguard specialty. Nothing better for putting down vampires."

Durak is an Orsimer ranger and member of the Dawnguard. According to dialogue, he joined the order to avenge the deaths of his two wives, who were killed by vampires.



He is initially met by the Dragonborn as a random encounter. He will appear in one of the major cities of Skyrim, where he offers them a chance to join the Dawnguard, a recently reestablished ancient order of vampire hunters.

Later on, he is seen outside of Fort Dawnguard, practicing his aim with a crossbow. When asked about the bow, he mentions that it is common for people not to be familiar with it, as it is a Dawnguard specialty. However, he will give the Dragonborn a standard crossbow and some steel bolts to practice.

Upon the completion of the quest "Prophet," he becomes available as a follower. If the Dragonborn is not an Orc, and also has not become Blood-Kin through some other means, he will also send word to Orc strongholds throughout Skyrim, so that they allow the Dragonborn entry.


As a follower, Durak has no level cap, as with fellow Dawnguard followers Celann and Ingjard. His specialties are Archery, Light Armor, One-Handed, and Block.



"You there. The Dawnguard is looking for anyone willing to fight against the growing vampire menace. What do you say?"

What's the Dawnguard? "We're vampire hunters. We search out and destroy those bloodsucking scum wherever we find them."
I haven't noticed any vampire menace. "You're not paying attention then. Like most everyone else around here. Haven't you heard that the Hall of the Vigilants was destroyed by vampires? They never took the threat seriously, and now they've paid the price."
Vigilants? Dawnguard? What are you talking about? "The Vigilants mostly hunt down daedra worshippers, which is why they got torn to pieces when they went up against vampires. That's why our leader Isran is reestablishing the Dawnguard. Real, serious vampire hunters."
Killing vampires? Where do I sign up? "Ha. Isran's going to like you. Go talk to him at Fort Dawnguard, southeast of Riften. He'll decide if you're Dawnguard material."
Sorry, I'm not interested. "That's what everybody says, right up until they find their throat being ripped out by a pack of hungry vampires. If you change your mind and decide to join the fight before it's too late, talk to Isran at Fort Dawnguard, southeast of Riften."


  • "Report to Isran at Fort Dawnguard. And get moving if you're serious about it. The vampires aren't going to wait around to make their next move."
  • "Glad you decided to give it a try. I hope Isran likes you."
  • "If you're here to join up, you need to see Isran. He's up at the fort talking to some Vigilant."



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  • It is possible for Durak to be killed during the quest "Kindred Judgment." To avoid this, it is recommended for the Dragonborn to face Harkon immediately, and skip as many the fights with other vampires as possible.
  • If Durak is killed after he is met during the random encounter and the Dragonborn arrives at Fort Dawnguard afterwords, his corpse will be found lying on the ground outside of the Fort.
    • The corpse of Durak may stand upright and remain still. To fix this, reload the save.

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