"We may not act the part, but Orcs are natural mages. I've barely passed my first tests and I've already learned so much!"

Durhaz is a young Orsimer mage found in the Orsinium Mages Guild in the city of Orsinium. She is a member of Mages Guild.


Conversation with Durhaz will reveal that she had joined the Guild only recent, and is very eager to become a mage.

"Have you come to study the arcane arts? You won't be disappointed. I've already learned so much, and I've only been here a short while."

Interesting, what types of things have you learned? "Oh, a bit of this and that. Minor healing spells, basic transmutation, a sprinkling of mysticism. Oh - and fire juggling! Would you like to see?"

No thanks. That doesn't sound all that impressive. "Well, I ... that's quite rude! Would a transmutation spell tickle your fancy? Perhaps I could turn you into a toad! You already act the part."

If the Vestige refuses the offer to observe Durhaz' juggling performance, she will still be eager to show off her newly gained talents. If the Vestige agrees to see the performance, Durhaz will ask them to made a distance and will juggle fireballs. Upon starting a new conversation with Durhaz, she will claim that Orsimer are natural mages.