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For other uses, see Durzog.

Durzogs are creatures in The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal. They are often used by Goblins to hunt and kill adventurers as well as other enemies.


They are powerful reptilian like beasts that use quick slashing and biting attacks. Two varieties of the Durzog exist: the regular, undomesticated Durzog, and the powerful, Goblin-trained War Durzog, which can be distinguished by a spiked collar.


Name Durzog
Types Wild Durzog
Diseased Durzog
War Durzog
Health Wild Durzog: 80 hitpoints
Diseased Durzog: 150 hitpoints
War Durzog: 175
Drops Durzog Meat
Attack points Wild Durzog: 5-25
Diseased Durzog: 10-35
War Durzog: 10-35
Soul Wild Durzog: Petty
Diseased Durzog: Petty
War Durzog: Lesser
Locations Mournhold sewers


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