"New to Narzulbur? If you're smart, you'll keep moving. There is a wicked shadow over this place."

Dushnamub is an Orsimer and the blacksmith for the stronghold of Narzulbur.


He has his workshop set outside Gloombound Mine forging weapons and armor with the metal coming from the mine. He is the son of Chief Mauhulakh and has a sister named Urog. He states that he didn't know his real mother at all, but he was raised by the Chief and his other wives who also taught him how to be a good blacksmith.

Being a blacksmith he will sell weapons and armor and will buy any Ebony Ore at a full price. If the Dragonborn steals any ingots from the mine, or kills any of his family including Bolar, he can send hired thugs even if they remained undetected.


Chief MauhulakhEdit

Dushnamub: "Don't you ever wonder, father?"
Mauhulakh: "All the time."
Dushnamub: "But your aunts don't even seem to care."
Mauhulakh: "They are good women. They love me. You will speak no more ill of them."
Dushnamub: "I've just never heard of a midwife losing all her mothers like that."

Dushnamub: "Father, I'm worried about Gadba and Mul."
Mauhulakh: "What about them?"
Dushnamub: "You don't worry about two Orc men coming into your stronghold? That they might challenge you?"
Mauhulakh: "They're miners. Harmless."
Dushnamub: "I've just learned not to trust luck around here."

Mauhulakh: "Someday, you can have your own stronghold."
Dushnamub: "I think it may have to be far away from here."
Mauhulakh: "Oh, if you're worried about me trying to meddle with you..."
Dushnamub: "It's not you I'm worried about."


  • "Haven't you seen how my aunts act with my father? It's beyond strange."
  • "I never knew my mother, but I doubt even she acted as affectionate with my father as Yatul and Bolar do."
  • "My sister is blind. I've told her she shouldn't spend so much time with Yatul, but she won't listen. Thinks she's nice."
  • "I think I like this new mate of my father's. I mean... nothing like that. I just think she's nice."
  • "Glad my father seems to have found someone. I just hope she can hold her own against my aunts."