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For other uses, see Dwarf Light.



Dwarven ruins appear in the most unexpected places in Wrothgar. As a race of smiths and crafters, the Orsimer have always been fascinated by Dwemer devices.

One such relic that has become intricately tied to Orsimer history is the wondrous Dwarf Light. According to folklore, Urbok Ruinwalker discovered the lantern that requires no flame in an undisclosed Dwemer ruin. But apparently bad luck followed whoever possesses the lantern, for Urbok fell into a pit and broke his neck while using the Dwarf Light to take an evening stroll.

Another tale tells the story of the siblings, Botku and Shabihk, who planned to utilize the infamous Dwarf Light to explore the area around Nyzchaleft Falls. Neither of the siblings nor the lantern were ever heard from again.


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