"This construct was a sort of automated measuring device designed to explore and survey subterranean areas, according to scholars of the lost Deep Elves - except for Narsis Dren, who insists it was an object of pursuit in Dwemeri team sports."
―In-game description[src]

Dwarven Theodolite is a pet Dwemer animunculi in The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind that becomes available after finding and reassembling its seven parts.

Parts neededEdit

All of the parts needed can be found in Nchuleftingth in Vvardenfell.

  • Dwemer Theodolite Chassis
  • Dwemer Theodolite Eye
  • Dwemer Theodolite Head
  • Dwemer Theodolite Neck
  • Dwemer Theodolite Shoulder
  • Dwemer Theodolite Torso
  • Dwemer Theodolite Wheels