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Dwemer Battle Shield

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Dwemer Battle Shield
Dwemer Battle Shield - Tribunal
Armor Type Shield
Value 510
Weight 15.0
Base Armor 14
Armor Health 400
Part of Dwemer Armor
Armor Class Heavy Armor
Item ID dwemer_shield_battle_unique

The Dwemer Battle Shield is a shield and a quest item in The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal. It is a unique variant of the Dwemer Shield. A Broken Dwemer Blade Piece is lodged in the center of the shield.


The Nerevarine receives the shield from Torasa Aram after donating two items to the Museum of Artifacts.


The Blade of NerevarEdit

The Nerevarine must reforge Trueflame, the ancient famed sword of Indoril Nerevar. One of the broken pieces is attached to this shield.



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