Dwemer Books is a House Telvanni quest available to the Nerevarine in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


Baladas Demnevanni asked me to bring him a copy of the Dwemer books "Antecedents of Dwemer Law," "Chronicles of Nchuleft," and "Nchunak's Fire and Faith.

Quick walkthroughEdit


The Nerevarine, in their travels, may come across Baladas Demnevanni in Gnisis (either through their own initiative or through Master Aryon's quest, Convince Baladas Demnevanni). He will ask the Nerevarine to obtain three Dwemer books for him: Antecedents of Dwemer Law, Chronicles of Nchuleft and Nchunak's Fire and Faith. Demnevanni is not particularly fussed about how the Nerevarine obtains the books, leaving the Nerevarine a choice of either stealing them or buying them.

Steal Dwemer KnowledgeEdit

The three books can be found in both Holamayan Monastery and the secret library in the Tribunal Temple. Both of these locations will have been accessed during the Main Quest (if the Nerevarine has completed it). Otherwise the Nerevarine will have to search for the Holamayan Monastery (which can only be entered at Dawn or Dusk), while they will search the Tribunal Temple in Vivec City to find the secret library.

Once the books have been successfully taken, the Nerevarine must return to Gnisis to hand them to Demnevanni.

Buying Dwemer KnowledgeEdit

The more expensive option is to buy the books. No single person will sell all three books, although Jobasha in his shop in Vivec will sell two of them (as will Dorisa Darvel in Balmora). The most difficult book to obtain, however, is Antecedents of Dwemer Law, which is only owned by a few individuals in Vvardenfell. One individual, Ethes Evos in Arobar Manor in Ald'ruhn, will agree to sell the Nerevarine a copy for 300GoldIcon.

Once all three books have been purchased, the Nerevarine may return to Demnevanni for a reward.


Dwemer Books
IDJournal Entry
5Baladas Demnevanni asked me to bring him a copy of the Dwemer books "Antecedents of Dwemer Law," "Chronicles of Nchuleft," and "Nchunak's Fire and Faith."
  • Quest accepted
30I was told that Edwinna Elbert in the Ald'ruhn Guild of Mages might have a copy of "Antecedents of Dwemer Law."
31I was told that Jobasha's Rare Books in Vivec might have a copy of "Antecedents of Dwemer Law."
32I was told that Ethes Evos in Arobar Manor might have a copy.
50Ethes Evos made me a copy of his "Antecedents of Dwemer Law."
100Baladas Demnevanni thanked me for bringing him a copy of "Antecedents of Dwemer Law."
110I've delivered "Antecedents of Dwemer Law," "Chronicles of Nchuleft," and "Nchunak's Fire and Faith" to Baladas Demnevanni.
  • Quest Complete


  • Ethes Evos will claim that the 300 GoldIcon charge is below market value, despite the fact that the base value of the book is 25 GoldIcon.
  • The Nerevarine will have to do this quest to complete Master Aryon's quest "Convince Baladas Demnevanni."
  • The Nerevarine may ask around to find out if anyone has a copy of Antecedents of Dwemer Law.