"The Ayleid ruins of Dwynnarth that grin down from the bluffs above Hag Fen were plundered and emptied out generations ago. But it seems there are forgotten mine tunnels beneath the lowest levels of Dwynnarth that might not be quite so empty."
―Spindleclutch Loading Screen

Dwynnen, otherwise known as Dwynnarth,[3] is a city located near the Hag Fen marshes, on the road between Camlorn and Crosswych. The city is also the ruling stronghold in the Dwynnen kingdom of the Iliac Bay.



Dwynnarth was originally an Ayleid settlement. The crippled ruins have no entrance to the inner ruins other than Spindleclutch. The city was built on a cliff overlooking the Iliac Bay. Towards the cliff is a long walk from the ruins to the edge.



First EraEdit

During the Four Score War, Cassyr Whitley was man from the city of Dwynnen that joined Vivec's ranks as a spy at his base in Ald Erfoud.[5] Prior to the Battle of Ald Marak, Whitley gave intel to Vivec that an army of Battlemages were with Juilek Cyrodiil and his army but in reality it was Experts in Alteration magic that gave soldiers Water Breathing and sacked Ald Marak. Vivec doubted Whitley's help and told him to return to Dwynnen.[6] In Wroth Naga, Whitley met a woman named Turala who accompanied him to Dwynnen. They two eventually split apart, Whitley went back to Dwynnen and Turala went to the Skeffington Coven. The people of Dwynnen praised Whitley's involvement in the war and saw him as a hero.[7][8]

On the 12th of Frostfall in 1E 2920, a shipload of Dunmer came to Dwynnen because of the Four Score War. It was here that everyone in Dwynnen learned of Cassyr Whitley's failure at the Battle of Ald Marak. Cassyr was branded a fool and an idiot and he believed everyone from Daggerfall to Lilmoth were laughing at him.[1]

Second EraEdit

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During the Alliance War, the Dwynnarth Ruins have been largely abandoned for quite sometime. The only way to get inside the ruins is through Spindleclutch. People tend to avoid it though. The outside of the ruins were used by the Bloodthorn Cult and the Red Rook Bandits who planned on establishing an alliance to take over Glenumbra. The Lion Guard caught wind of this and tasked the Vestige into putting an end to this alliance.[9]

The Undaunted are a group of expert dungeon-delvers that travel all of Tamriel for gold and glory like The Companions of Skyrim. The Vestige was tasked by the Undaunted to traveled to Spindleclutch which is underneath the Dwynnarth Ruins. They worked with a Fighters Guild member named Praxin Douare who also went to Spindleclutch to investigate Deadly Whispers.[10]

Third EraEdit

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According to Legend, Castle Wightmoor was ruled by an evil Lich and it's army of ghosts and ghouls. A man named Othrok emerged from the forest and was blessed by the gods. He was given an army of men and animals and fought the Lich's army at the Battle of Wightmoor. Othrok brought both peace and prosperity to the land and grew in power as the land expanded. Archivists say this took place in 3E 253.[2]

In 3E 267, Haymon Camoran was known as the Camoran Usurper and led a conquest for Valenwood to High Rock. His army has destroyed cities including Arenthia, Rihad, and Anticlere. The Usurper's army stopped around the contemporary area of Dwynnen. The battle that ended the Usurper's reign was the Battle of Firewaves which Dwynnen was involved in. Firewaves was a coastal battle while Dwynnen was a landlock nation, despite this, Dwynnen played an integral part in Firewaves.[2]

During the Warp in the West, Dwynnen was the seat of the Dwynnen barony.



  • Dwynnen's founding in The Fall of the Usurper contradicts the 2920 series of books. Either the Fall of the Usurper is wrong or Dwynnen in the first era was destroyed and a new one come along in the third era.
    • The latter would make more sense. The Dwynnarth ruins are ruins set in the same general area as Dwynnen so it's possible something happened.

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