Dye Staion

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With Update 3, Armor Dye Stations were introduced, where you can change the color of your armor with dyes you can unlock through completing certain achievements.


  • You can visit a dye station and interact with it to dye any piece of armor that you own.
  • Only armor can be dyed.
  • Dye stations can be found in all major cities (With the exception of Davon's Watch). There are special markers for these dye station locations
  • Every piece of gear has up to three separate areas that can be dyed individually, and you have tools available to do so.
    • Color Sets: You can use the special dye tools to create and apply custom color sets.
    • Eye Dropper Tool: You can use the eye dropper tool to pick colors from previously dyed gear, and apply that color elsewhere.
    • Paint Bucket Tool: This tool applies the dye you’ve selected to the corresponding color area of every piece of gear you have equipped.
  • At a dye station, you can see every color available. Dyes you haven't obtained yet are displayed with a lock icon. Hover over any locked color to see which achievement is associated with it. You can right-click on it to jump to the achievement panel and read the achievement's completion criteria. When a dye is unlocked, it will be available for all characters on your account.
  • There are well over 200 dyes to unlock and use.
  • You are able to choose from the following hues, each with different shades within them:
    • Red
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Yellow
    • Orange
    • Brown
    • Black
    • White
    • Purple
    • Magenta
    • Pink
    • Grey
    • Tan


  • Davon's Watch is the only city in the game that does not have a dye station.


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