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Dylora was a Dark Seducer in the service of Sheogorath, and commander of her kin in the Daedric Forces of Madness. During the Fourth Era Greymarch, she led the Mazken in their fortress of Pinnacle Rock in the Shivering Isles.

Over the course of the Greymarch, an attack was launched on one of the strongholds of Madness. This stronghold may or may not have been Pinnacle Rock. If so, then Dylora led the Dark Seducers in defending their base after they were tricked by the traitor duke Syl, who let the Forces of Order enter. Eventually, Order would succeed in taking the base, and Dylora was captured.


The Helpless ArmyEdit

She would later be freed by the Hero of Kvatch and her lieutenant, Adeo, only to fall along with the rest of the Seducers when Order cut off the flow of the Wellspring of the Mazken. The Hero managed to defeat Order's forces and free the Wellspring, reviving the Dark Seducers. Dylora thanked the Hero, and rewarded the them with the armor of the Mazken and the ability to summon Dark Seducers before his departure back to Sheogorath.


  • Dylora may or may not be encountered in-game. If the Hero is the Duke of Mania, then the attack will be launched on Pinnacle Rock. If the Hero chose Dementia instead, then the attack will come to Brellach and the Golden Saints.