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An EEC Stock Certificate signed by Carnius Magius is received if the Nerevarine takes an interest in aiding the Raven Rock division of the East Empire Company. Its value fluctuates as quests are performed and decisions are made pertaining to which of two conflicting interests, Falco Galenus or Carnius Magius, the Nerevarine sides with. The most financially rewarding route involves supporting Falco, peaking at a value of 12,000 gold partway through the questline. Carnius has his own agenda, and is not interested in seeing the mine succeed.


Establish the MineEdit

During the first quest that can be performed for the faction, the Nerevarine must ensure that workers safely reach the mine. The certificate is received as a quest reward.


This certifies that %PCNAME is the owner of

One Hundred

fully paid and non-assessable shares, of the par value of one (1) Septim each, of the common stock of the Raven Rock division of the East Empire Company (hereafter referred to as "the Company"), transferrable on the books of the Company by the Holder himself in person or by duly authorized representative of the Holder upon surrender of this certificate properly endorsed.

This certificate and the shares represented hereby are issued and shall be held subject to all provisions of the Articles of Incorporation and of the by-laws of the Company (copies of which are on file at the Company's main office) to all which by acceptance the holder hereof assents. This certificate is not valid unless undersigned by the Transfer Agent and registered by the Registrar.

In Witness Whereof the Company has caused this certificate to be executed by the facsimile signatures of its duly authorized officers and a facsimile of its corporate seal to be printed hereon.


C. Magius