"Common filth! You dare to disturb my slumber?"
―Eanen Varam[src]

Eanen Varam is a deceased Dunmer noble buried in Othrenis. In life, he was part of a family that owned multiples slaves and servant. He was bethrothed to another noblewoman when he began a secret relationship with Bala, one of his servants.

They had plans of marrying each other's but the sudden death of Eanen prevented this from happening. Deeply saddened, Bala later went to visit his grave in Othrenis with the intentions of committing suicide so that they could both be together again.

There, she learned that, in-reality, Eanen was an extremely sadistic individual who enjoyed beating and torturing those owned by his family.


Quieting a HeartEdit

Bala, an Ashlander merchant, was supposed to be married to her secret love, a noble named Eanen. Eanen died, and Bala was not allowed to attend his funeral. She wants to find his tomb to speak with him one last time.