Earana is an Altmer and nemesis of Mages Guild member, Teekeeus. She seeks arcane knowledge locked in the book Fingers of the Mountain, knowledge that is forbidden by the Mages Guild. Because of this, she wants to prevent Teekeeus from securing the book.

She stays at The Grey Mare tavern in Chorrol, but can often be found near the front of the Chorrol Mages Guild near the large oak tree.

Earana wears upper class clothing and has a cold and snooty personality. She is a wealthy woman that will stop at nothing to get what she wants.



  • She seems to be the only character that somehow manages to change the length of her hair.
  • Earana has been popular among players due to her extreme ignorance and snotty behavior.
  • Many people have wrote to Bethesda and asked them to include Earana as part of Skyrim, However, due to the time difference between the two games, this never happened.
  • She will not talk to the Hero unless they are a member of the Mages Guild.