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Earthen Heart is a Dragonknight skill line in The Elder Scrolls Online.


Ultimate skillsEdit

  • Magma Armor: Caps incoming damage at 3% Max Health for 9 seconds. Nearby enemies take 2 Flame Damage every second. Unlocked at Earthen Heart rank 12.

Active skillsEdit

  • Stonefist: Deals 12 Physical Damage and knocks down enemy for 3 seconds. (Level 1)
  • Molten Weapons: Increases weapon damage of nearby allies by 1 for 45 seconds. Bonus is increased by 100% on caster. Unlocked at Earthen Heart rank 4.
  • Obsidian Shield: Creates 17 point damage shield for 20 seconds on nearby allies. Shield strength is increased by 100% on caster. Unlocked at Earthen Heart rank 20.
  • Petrify: Stuns enemies for 10.5 seconds. Affected targets can take 16 damage before the stun breaks. Unlocked at Earthen Heart rank 30.
  • Ash Cloud: Snares enemies for 70% and increases their miss chance by 30%. Unlocked at Earthen Heart rank 42.

Passive skillsEdit

  • Eternal Mountain: Increases duration of Earthen Heart skills by 10%. Unlocked at Earthen Heart Rank 8.
  • Battle Roar: Restores Health, Magicka, and Stamina when activating an ultimate skill. The player's restore amount increases by 50% of the Ultimate's cost. Unlocked at Earthen Heart Rank 14.
  • Mountain's Blessing: Bestows additional 1 ultimate when activating an Earthen Heart skill. Unlocked at Earthen Heart Rank 22.
  • Helping Hands: Restores 2% Stamina when activating an Earthen Heart skill. Unlocked at Earthen Heart Rank 39.


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