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Ebony Arrow (Skyrim)

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Ebony Arrow
Base Damage:
20 DamageIcon
0 WeightIcon
Base Value:
7 GoldIcon
Class: Arrow
FormID: 000139BF
For this weapon in other games, see Ebony Arrow.
For arrows of other types, see Arrows (Skyrim).

Ebony Arrows are weapons that return in Skyrim.



As of Dawnguard, they can be crafted at a forge in bunches of twenty-five with ebony ingots and firewood.


  • They can occasionally be found in chests and containers.
  • Inside Dwarven Centurions.
  • Narzulbur, the Orc Stronghold. Inside the shed that also contains the iron and ebony ore and iron ingots. Taking these arrows is a crime.
  • Enter the Labyrinthian and clear out Lost Valkygg. The Draugr Lord at the end next to the exit always carries an Ebony Bow and a large quantity of arrows, regardless of level. (additionally, if you avoid Draugr Lord's shots, you can collect an indefinite amount of ebony arrows.) [recommended only for higher level players, as you will not avoid every shot]


  • Starting around level 40, ebony arrows (along with all other ebony goods) become available in good quantity from Blacksmiths such as Eorlund Gray-Mane or at Warmaiden's. However these arrows have been found as early as level 21.


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