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Ebony Helmet is a piece of Ebony Armor available in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Its armor rating depends on the character's Heavy Armor skill. In early game it can be obtained by killing Umbra and taking her armor. However, if obtained prior to attaining level 15, it will have the same armor value as Orcish Armor.

Magical variantsEdit

These versions are only found as random loot and may appear starting at level 17.

Name ID GoldIcon Enchantment
Helmet of the Hunter 0004F3F1 1825 Detect Life 85 ft.
Helmet of the Mage 0004789E 8150 Fortify Magicka 20pts.
Spell Absorption 14%
Helmet of Spell Resistance 0004F403 2500 Resist Magic 13%
Seastrider's Helmet 0002ADD1 2550 Water Breathing


  • This item can only be found as leveled loot on enemy characters starting at level 15.