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For other uses, see Ebony Ingot.
"Ebony can only be worked when heated. It will develop small cracks that eventually shatter the material if hammered cold. Unlike most other armors, Ebony will not alloy with iron. It must be used pure."
―Sven Two-Hammers[src]

An Ebony Ingot is a Smithing material in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


Ebony ingots are used to create or upgrade Ebony armor and weapons and Daedric armor and weapons. They are also used in the creation of Dragonbone weapons.DG Ebony ingots are rare, and are the most expensive ore and ingot.


Blacksmiths typically sell Ingots and Ore at level 27. Aside from randomly placed veins throughout Skyrim, only two ebony mines exist in Skyrim: Gloombound Mine and Redbelly Mine. In Solstheim, the Raven Rock MineDR is also a Ebony mine.


  • In reality, Ebony is a heavy, hard, and expensive black wood, not metal. It is commonly used to craft ornamental statuettes.
  • The Ebony material, being described as a "glass-like volcanic substance,"[source?] may be The Elder Scrolls equivalent of Obsidian.
  • The word "ebony" derives from the Ancient Greek word ἔβενος, or ébenos.


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