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For other uses, see Ebony Mail.

Ebony Mail, found in The Elder Scrolls: Arena, is a Daedric Artifact in the form of wearable armor. It is found in Black Marsh by the Eternal Champion during the Third Era. It was hidden after the previous owner, Helath Stormbinder, lost the favour of Boethiah. Following the instructions of a strange map, the Eternal Champion eventually finds the resting place of the Ebony Mail and retrieves it, so that it may be used in the war against Jagar Tharn.

Description (In-game) Edit

The Ebony Mail is an artifact created before recorded history, according to legend, by the Dark Elven goddess Boethiah. It is she who determines who should possess the Mail and for how long a time. If judged worthy, its power grants the wearer invulnerability to all common magical attacks that drain talents and health. It is Boethiah alone who determines when a person is ineligible to bear the Ebony Mail any longer, and the goddess can be very capricious...


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