"My friend, Edras Oril, is missing, and I fear he's in trouble. He has such a tendency to wander off. He's quite the scholar, but not quite as wordly-wise as I am."

Edras Oril is a Dunmer found in the Ascadian Isles. He is a scholar and amateur naturalist, especially fascinated by kagoutis. Thus, he cannot resist to investigate a group of Mating Kagoutis while he was traveling with his friend Thoronor.


The Scholars and the Mating KagoutiEdit

Edras Oril has left his travelling companion Thoronor to observe some mating kagoutis and their specific calls. Thoronor has not seen him since and fears for his life. He asks the Nerevarine to look for Edras Oril, who can be found close to a couple of mating kagoutis.